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BD ChilliDrive


The BD ChilliDrive app by Broker Direct Plc is a low cost telematics based insurance product.Please download this app after purchasing a BD ChilliDrive Motor Insurance policy.
The BD ChilliDrive app offers you the following features:
- Records telematics data from your trips and provides you with feedback and advice to help you improve your skills. Good driving can be rewarded with lower cost insurance with BD ChilliDrive.
- Helps you quickly arrange roadside assistance and record details in the event of an accident.
- Helps you quickly verify your ID and car details using your smartphone
After each trip you will receive a trip score (1 to 5) and feedback on how you could have achieved a higher score. After 100 miles you will receive a profile score (1 to 100) along with a breakdown of how your driving habits have impacted your overall score. The detailed feedback includes information on speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering.
The BD ChilliDrive app uses GPS to record your driving habits and helps you get assistance in the event of an accident. We only use your data to manage your policy, help you in an accident and to prevent fraud. We never sell your data or personal details.
This app will not function if you do not have a BD ChilliDrive motor insurance policy.